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Road Transportation

Full Truckload Shipping
One of the most cost-effective options for transporting cargos while there is enough cargo to fill an entire trailer is Full Truckload Shipping. The ideal size for FTL shipments is greater than 5,000 to 10,000 lbs.

Less Than Truckloads Shipment
You require Less Than truckloads shipment when your freight is not suitable for semi-trucks and also is too large to be considered as a parcel. This is a kind of freight that does not require the entire truck but only a portion of the truck.

Refrigerated Shipping Services
Refrigerated shipping services are used to transport the temperature sensitive goods to its destination. A refrigerated container or reefer is used as a shipping container for such type of temperature sensitive cargo. These refrigerated containers are capable of controlling the temperature from -65 °C to 40°C.

Open Deck Trucks
Open deck trucks have an open deck body that is flat, roofless and without any sides. Generally on regular terms, open deck trucks transport loads with a weight of 45, 000 pounds or 20.4 tons.

Warehouse Services

Smart warehouse services look after your freight very carefully and can handle major of your freight-related problems.
Custom and smart warehouses are pretty much self-run and require less human intervention than others. Though storing goods in a warehouse has highly complex procedures but we can help you in simplifying it. Our warehouse personnel are highly specialized in handling of fragile equipment We offer supply chain services to help clients meet their fulfillment needs. We accurately store, pick, pack and ship products so customers can remain focused on their core business.

Rail Transportation

Rail freight transport is a means of shipping cargo via train. Railway transport encompasses freight service in three general categories: unit trains, carload freight, and intermodal freight. Transloading through our bulk terminals can help you overcome rail shipping challenges. If rising prices, a lack of competition, long wait times, and other challenges have disrupted your supply chain, our experts can help.

Ocean Service

We work with the world’s largest international carriers to provide robust and efficient sea freight services. We have operated a dedicated sea freight logistics business line for decades, and specialise in delivering tailored services at the best available freight forwarding rates, combined with dependable sailing schedules from and to most major ports around the world.

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